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Science Club

Welcome to the TMS Science Club!

The purpose of the TMS Science Club is to spark an interest in science that allows students to explore and question the subject through hands on techniques

A connection between what happens in everyday life and real applications will be made at each meeting.  Students will use the scientific method and inquiry skills to accomplish tasks. 


 Activities include:

  •  Maintaining a green environment within our school through our recycling efforts (collection of paper, plastic, and aluminum)
  •  Understanding the scientific method and how it relates to everyday life and careers
  •  Performing safe simulations including dissection, rocketry, energy resources, forensics


In addition, students work as part of a team developing essential communication skills. Often times, in science, new developments and discoveries are not achieved individually. This requires the work and effort of multiple individuals. This club encourages positive team work and thinking outside the box to achieve a common goal. 


 Meetings are held on Fridays in Room 110 from Oct to March according to the schedule below. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact one of the sponsors below.


Club sponsors:

 Dr. Barbara Will-Henn-  

Mrs. Raylene Grossi-

Science Club Meeting Schedule Rm 110

October 12th - Organizational Meeting - Google Science Fair Planning

October 19 - NO MEETING - Work on Project Planning on your own

October 26 - Spooky Science Demos & FUN Bring a Spooky Edible treat to share

November 2 - NO MEETING -Work on Project Planning on your own

November 9 - Project Planning/Egg drop

November 16 - Project Planning/Activity (T)o (B)e (N)amed

November 30 - Project Planning/Activity (T)o (B)e (N)amed

December 7 - Project Planning/Activity (T)o (B)e (N)amed

December 12th - Google Science Fair Submission Deadline

December 14 -TMS Science Fair Planning/Holiday Activity

December 21 - NO MEETING

January 11 - TMS Science Fair Planning/Activity (T)o (B)e (N)amed

January 18 - NO MEETING - SIP DAY

January 25 - TMS Science Fair Planning/Activity (T)o (B)e (N)amed

February 1 - Activity (T)o (B)e (N)amed

February 8 -Activity (T)o (B)e (N)amed

February 15 - Activity (T)o (B)e (N)amed

February 22 -Activity (T)o (B)e (N)amed

March 8 - Party



"The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not understand." -Frank Herbert

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